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Bras for large cups come in many styles. But what styles are best for women with large breasts?

I believe in a well-fitted bra for every woman, regardless of what size she has. Still a lot of women keep wearing a bra that is not right for them. It happened to me (for too long).

Knowing your bra sizes is important because you’ll know what to look for. Using my bra size calculator will let you see that a slight change in measurements can change your bra size. And that’s fine.

This is normal. And it might well be you would fit 2 bra sizes. I own 3 different bra sizes and they all fit me. Depending on the brand and model I choose a different size when needed.

If you are left with a question about your sizing I would love to know. Please just contact me.


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Curvy Kate offers a wide range of cup sizes from D to a K cup. Back sizes range from 28 - 44 in both Lingerie and Swimwear collections.

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