4 crotchless underwear styles for plus size

Going crotchless is a great way to say yes to less. And no need to take it off when things get hot! Crotchless underwear is great on a fuller woman. See my selection of 4 plus size styles crotchless here

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4 Crotchless Styles for Plus Size

1. Crotchless bodystocking

A bodystocking is very elastic and will fit you like a glove. It looks great on an apple, pear, hourglass, inverted pyramid, or diamond-shaped body proportion. I’ve selected 8 crotchless bodystockings for you to explore see here

2. Crotchless teddy

A crotchless teddy is a sexy one-piece showing of your curves. The open crotch design gives easy access to your partner. Check out my choice 6 sexy teddies

3. Crotchless panty

How to surprise your partner with something cheeky?

No one can resist the easy access of a crotchless panty. Some panties have an open front, while other styles may also be ass-less exposing the bum as well. See my naughty 8 styles crotchless panties

4. Crotchless thong

The great thing with a crotchless thong? You’ll only need this little one-piece to get full focus from your partner. Ready for showing off your butt cheeks in a provocative thong? See plus size selection of 7 naughty styles

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