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Floatley Cozy Comfort Wirefree Bra with Embedded Pad | See Amazon

The ultimate lounge bra. This buttery-soft bra from Floatley is so light and airy that you’ll forget you’re wearing anything, but it still features built-in padded cups to give you shape and support.” Cosmopolitan

16 Bra Styles for D Plus

Style 1. Balconette bra plus size

The balconette is a classic and romantic-styled bra which I really love. See my selection 6 balconettes D+ styles

The balconette bra offers a low-cut, horizontal neckline that creates a ‘balcony’ effect. This classic bra provides good support while accentuating the bust.

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The straps are typically more widely spaced than those of other bras, giving you a more open neckline. For even more cleavage look for a balconette bra with push-up

Style 2. Strapless bra plus size

woman wearing a push up balconette bra strapless style

Strapless bras surely work for DDD cups and up. These brands made it their business designing them for us plus size. See 8 strapless for DDD-L cups

Style 3. Lace Bralettes for plus size

woman wearing bralette fuller busts

Everyday Lace Full Coverage | Collection ThirdLove

I just love to wear a bralette instead of my more traditional bras.

Bralettes for fuller busts often come with wider bands, thicker straps, and lined cups.

Some offer less support. I do wear some styles over my regular bra for needed support. Look for full-coverage styles to combine them with an ordinary bra easily

See my selection of 8 Lace Bralettes D+

Style 4. Demi cup bra plus size

demi cup bra for large cups

Smart & Sexy Women’s Everyday Demi Push-Up Bra | See details at

This style of bra will give a more natural push-up, just by showing more of your breasts. Most demi bras have unlined cups or lightly foam-lined cups.

Style 5. Minimizer bra plus size

A minimizer bra reduces the bust size by about one cup.

This style of bra works by smoothing and distributing the breast tissue, creating a slimmer silhouette.

With this smoothing bra, all your clothes will fit. No trouble with wearing button-up shirts that wouldn’t fit you with a regular bra. See 6 Minimizer Bras (wired and non-wired)

Style 6. Push up bras plus size

woman wearing a plus size push up bra

Curvy Couture Tulip Lace Push-Up Bra | See details at

If you are looking for a nice silhouette that enhances the dress or top go for a push-up bra. Curvy Couture is a great brand that has a lot of push-up styles to choose from.

Style 7. Soft cup bra plus size

Plus-size women love a non-wired bra for its comfortable feeling.

Great for wearing around the house and supportive enough to wear on all activities. See my selection of 9 wireless bras for big busts

Style 8. Sports bra plus size


We all need support and coverage during workouts, regardless of our cup size.

But having large breasts, we look for the best designs that make us forget about the bra, and focus on the exercise!

See my selection of 6 popular D+ sports bras

Style 9. t-shirt bra plus size

wireless bra style

Plus size t-shirt bras do what they are designed for. To appear invisible underneath your clothing.

Smooth and padded cups are what we need. Check out my selection of 8 popular plus-size t-shirts, both wired and non-wired.

Style 10. Underwire bra plus size

Amazon buyers LOVE these wired bras for plus size. You’ll find over a thousand reviews on every one of them. I thought its time to share 4 top-rated wired bras DD+

Style 11. Bras for elderly

A comfortable bra for the older woman is usually wireless. But there are some comfortable wired ones as well.

Maybe you want a cotton-only bra or you may like other soft stretchy materials. See my selection of 10 comfort bras for older ladies

Style 12. Bras for arthritis

bra front closure suitable for arthritis

Getting into your bra and dealing with chronic pain from arthritis can be a challenge.

Bras for women with arthritis often have a front closure. But not all women find this style suitable for them. See 10 Arthritis bras

Style 13. Bras for fibromyalgia

soft bra for fibromyalgia pain

Women with fibromyalgia can only wear very comfortable and light-to-wear bras and tops. See 10 bras for fibromyalgia

Style 14. Anti-wrinkle bra

The anti-wrinkle bra or pillow can prevent and soften already existing creases. Just while you are sleeping. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? See my selection of 9 anti-wrinkle bras and pillows

Style 15. Posture bras

woman wearing a posture bra

A posture bra pulls your shoulders back slightly. This comfortable bra improves posture and helps you feel less pain in the shoulders and neck. I’ve selected 5 plus size posture bras

Style 16. Side smoothing bras

The side smoothing bra minimizes underarm and back fat. A true game-changer for fuller ladies. See my selection of 8 side-smoothing bras

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How does your bra feel?
Use my bra calculator to check your size.

At the HerRoom, you’ll find the 
Bra Fit Video Vault & Bra Fit Quiz.
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