Breast lift tape offers bra-free support and will boost confidence…

Breast lift tape offers bra-free support. The tape separates, flattens, and lifts your breasts. Simply create the cleavage you like. See my selection of 6 breast lift tapes here

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What is boob tape for?

Boob tape is designed for any kind of outfit and occasion. Think of backless/strapless dresses, T-shirts, wedding dresses, tulle tops, sports bras and swimsuits.

Anything really. Also great for smoothing down large busts, if needed to fit some of your clothing.

The tape is sticky and will lift and support your breasts. Boob tape feels like a second skin. It works for sensitive skins as well.

The sticky adhesive tape gives you a naturally smooth and buttery appearance.

I like to rely on brands that invested a great amount in research and manufacture skin-friendly boob tape from cotton, spandex, and acrylic comfortable enough to wear all day. See 6 breast lift tapes here

Does boob tape really lift heavier breasts?

Boob tape is used for different reasons. And yes, it’s a great solution for busted ladies.

Breast lift tape:

  • gives a lift to sagging breasts
  • separates breasts
  • flatten your boobs for smoothing look

Enjoy bra-free support that not only boosts your confidence…

8 favorite Breast Lift Taps on Amazon

1. Cotton Boob Tape Large Breast Lift Up Bob Skin | All sizes

cotton boob tape for large breast lift up ddd

Boob Tape Large Breast Lift Up Body DDD Bra Bob Skin | See details at

 high quality 95% pure cotton and 5% spandex
 used by FASHION STYLISTS for CELEBRITIES to lift, separate, flatten, boost and create all the cleavage, bra-free support, contour and confidence you need!
 soft and comfortable
From A Cup to H Cup or, any Plus Sizes,
 giving you that natural and youthful appearance DIY BOOB JOB!
 colors brown, beige, nude, clear, dark brown see Amazon

2. Breast Lift Tape Pasties Silicone Pasties Flower | A – F cups

Breast Lift Tape Pasties Silicone Breast Pasties Nippleless Covers Flower | See details at

 eco-friendly silicon material
 keep breasts supported and perky
 strong sticky silicone
thin design makes it suit for strapless and backless tops, weddings & formal dresses
 colors beige, brown and pink see Amazon

3. Nipplecovers with Push up Lift Tape | A – C cups

push up lift tape strapless

Silicone Nippleless Covers Strapless Backless Push up Breast Lift Tape 4 inch Diameter | See details at

 nipple covers with drawstring
 naturally smooth and buttery appearance

4. K-Tape My Skin – 5m Roll – Dark Brown

dark brown sticky breast lift tape

K-Tape My Skin – 5m Roll – Dark Brown | See details at

for body parts needing pain relief and support during sports and physical activity
 breathable high-grade cotton with acrylic glaze keep breasts supported and perky
 contains no harsh medications and latex-free
can be used for open tops, see reviews for many other uses
 colors beige, light brown, dark brown, medium brown, very dark brown see Amazon

5. The Perfect Sculpt Black Fashion Tape, Breast Lifting | A – G cups

fashion boob tape lifting waterproof

The Perfect Sculpt Black Fashion Tape, Breast Lifting, Sweatproof and Waterproof, Push Up, Works for Any Bust Size A – G | See details at

instant boob job with perfect fashion tape
 discreet to wear underneath all clothing and swimwear
remove carefully with oil or water
 colors beige and black see Amazon

6. PERKY GIRLS TAPE – Adhesive Pushup Tape | A – DD+

perky girls push up tape plus size reusable

PERKY GIRLS TAPE – Instant Breast Lift – Adhesive Pushup Tape – A Cup to DD and Plus Size – with Reusable Premium Silicone Nipple Covers (Light Brown) | See details at

Perky Girls Tape will lift and pushup even the heaviest of breasts
 from A Cup to DD and Plus Size
 tape is made from cotton, spandex and acrylic
comfortable enough to wear all day and is waterproof
 colors light brown, brown and beige see Amazon

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