Breast shells for sore nipples

Breast shells allow healing time for your sensitive or sore nipples between nursing and pumping sessions.

What are breast shells?

2 breastshells of medela for sore nipples
Silicone breast shells of Medela

A breast shell is a silicone cover designed to place over nipples. It is used by many women in between breastfeeding sessions.

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  • nipples will be protected by the shells so they have time to rest
  • damaged nipples have moments to recover
  • the shells have little holes to allow air circulation
  • you can wear them under your bra and clothes
  • nipple shells protect painful nipples against clothing
  • the covers collect leaking milk

From the Medela shop | See Medela Store at

Will breast shells work for me?

woman with a little baby in her arms illustrating the use of breast shells
Breast shells can be lifesavers for women during their breastfeeding journey

I’m amazed at the knowledge of brands that design tools for breastfeeding. Breast shells for sore breasts are not just an accessory but can be a lifesaver.

I wish I knew about the shells when I was breastfeeding my son. Or wished someone around me advised me on this.

It can take only a few days of NOT having the right tools as a breastfeeding mom before you decide to quit breastfeeding. Every little bit counts when you’re breastfeeding.

Maybe you have a professional or an experienced friend that directs you to the things you need during nursing. If not? Just visit the Medela Shop at to learn what’s on the market.

The many reviews on Amazon from other mothers are a great source of information and will surely help you find what you need.

Latch-on difficulties, flat or inverted nipples, and sore nipples in general, may benefit very well from the use of nipple shields. How the use of nipple shields can overcome difficulties when breastfeeding »

How to use breast shells?

Breast shells should be placed in the middle of your nipples. The shells can be worn all day in between your breastfeeding. They fit best underneath a nursing bra because these type bras are wider.

Some breast shells are designed with a collection cap for leaking milk.

Important note! Not all breast shells are designed to use the leaking milk for the baby. Please read the product details for the advice of a certain product.

Silver has an anti-bacterial and healing effect on sore and damaged nipples. Women experience instant relief of pain using silver nipple shields. Read more about the healing wonders of silver cups »

5 favorite breast shells

1. Breast Shell & Milk Catcher for Breastfeeding Relief

Breast Shell & Milk Catcher for Breastfeeding Relief – (2 in 1) Protect Cracked, Sore, Engorged Nipples & Collect Breast Milk Leaks During The Day, While Nursing or Pumping | See details at

  • these breast shells don’t touch your nipples allowing for healing time between nursing and pumping sessions
  • with the built-in spout for air ventilation, which also helps speed the healing process
  • helps form nipples if you have flat nipples
  • no holes in the shell for airflow
  • holds without spilling milk

2. Medela SoftShells | breast shells for sore nipples

Medela SoftShells Breast Shells for SorteNipples for Pumping or Breastfeeding | See details at

  • the Medela softshells have ventilation holes to help to heal sore nipples
  • soft, flexible backs
  • natural appearance under a bra
  • make sore nipples much more comfortable
  • if using the SoftShells, do not feed the milk collected in the foam insert to the baby

3. Milkelle Breast Shells, Milk Saver, Nursing Cups

Milkelle Breast Shells, Milk Saver, Nursing Cups, Food Grade Silicone BPA-Free PP (Set of 2) | See details at

  • designed to help to collect breast milk leaks during the day, baby nursing or pumping
  • can be used instead of nursing pads and do not waste precious breast milk
  • soft silicone membrane helps to feel comfortable during wearing and keeps breast milk cup collector from displacement
  • leak-proof low-profile design of a breast milk collector storage is more discreet under clothing
  • fits best in a padded bra if you do not want them to be obvious
  • protect sore or cracked nipples from rubbing and chafing

4. Breast Shells, 4 Pack Nursing Cups, Milk Saver

Breast Shells, 4 Pack Nursing Cups, Milk Saver, Protect Sore Nipples for Breastfeeding | See details at

5. Philips Avent Comfort Breast Shell Set

Philips Avent Comfort Breast Shell Set, 2 Count | See details at

Meant to be worn inside your bra, to collect excess breast milk and help protect sore nipples.

Philips Avent for newborn to toddler | See Philips Avent Store at

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