Bullet bras – 10 Bras with bullet shaped cups

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This 1950s-style bra is still going strong, being usually a little less pointy than back then. See a selection of 10 bullet bras

wireless bullet shaped bra playtex

Playtex Women’s Wireless Bra Bullet Shaped Cups | See Amazon

The Timeless Allure of Bullet Bras

The first bullet bra was introduced in 1941, featuring conical cups without underwires. This provocative style quickly gained popularity, despite conflicting with the wholesome image of the era.

Influenced by films and famous actresses the bra became very popular. Quite regular for a while.

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With its suggestive silhouette and exaggerated pointedness, the bullet bra became a symbol of femininity and allure.

Everyday women sought to emulate their favorite stars by adorning themselves in these alluring bras.

However, the trend was not without controversy, as some criticized it as a sign of declining moral values.

woman wearing vintage bra light bullet shape cups

Va Bien vintage fit minimizer t-shirt bra | See Herroom.com

In the 1980s Madonna performed in an icon-shaped body (designed by Jean Paul Gaultier). Not too long ago designer Stella McCartney used the bra style on her models on the catwalk.

Bullet bras hold a special place in fashion history, symbolizing an era of boldness and self-expression. Whether as a nostalgic nod to the past or a daring fashion choice, these bras continue to captivate women who appreciate their timeless allure. See my selection of 10 Bullet Bras

The comfort of bullet bras

It’s not just because of its vintage feel women wear bullet-style bras. Certainly not.

Here’s why bullet bras are actually very comfortable.

ThirdLove 60 bra sizes, including ½ cups
Bands 30 - 48 | cups AA - I
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  • great support for your back
  • no bouncing
  • comfy feeling
  • padding of the shoulder straps
  • full coverage
  • giving uplift and shape
  • wide side panels
  • it separates the girls nicely
  • minimizing effect

The cups might show off quite a bit under a t-shirt. Too much for your taste? Just wear it underneath something thicker, like a sweatshirt or hoody.

The wrong bra, lacking the right support, can cause pain. But then again, the right bra, like a bullet or posture bra, can improve posture. See my selection of 6 posture bras

10 Bras with bullet-shaped cups

1. Playtex Women’s 18 Hour Original Full Coverage Bra | B-DDD

woman wearing 18 hour bra playtex bullet cup styled

Playtex Women’s 18-Hour Original Full Coverage Bra | See Amazon.com

 no-slip comfort cushion straps
exclusive Spanette fabric stretches four ways
one of the best-selling plus-size bras on Amazon

2. Playtex Women’s 18-Hour Front-Close Wirefree Bra |B-DDD

woman wearing white bra bullet cup shape

Playtex Women’s 18-Hour Front-Close Wirefree Bra | See Amazon.com

 provides a 4-way support system
higher sides and a taller back
cups give a slightly pointed look

3. Carnival Full Figure Longline Soft Cup Wire Free | B-DDD

woman in carnival longline bullet bra

Carnival Full Figure Longline Camisole Wire-Free Bra | See Amazon.com

 spandex-framed double-lined nylon cups
boning provides tummy control
two-inch waist elastic

A corset will give an instant hourglass shape. Besides the flattering look, a corset or waist cincher is loved for other reasons. See my selection of 10 corsets S-6X here

  • help with posture without restricting your movement
  • relieve pain from standing up straight and working long hours
  • great help for having back pain or needing back support
  • a solid structure to your middle and lower back
  • support at home or work
  • getting your waist back
  • great after-postpartum tummy to reduce and shape your abdomen waistline

4. Exquisite Form Original Full-Coverage Bra | B-DDD

woman wearing exquisite form vintage cup bra

Exquisite Form Original Wireless Full-Coverage Bra with Back Closure | See Amazon.com

 3-part seamed cups
stretch mesh fabric panels
colors: white, beige, and black

5. Dominique Bridal Longline | A-F

woman in dominique bridal longline bullet style bra

Dominique women’s Longline | See Amazon.com

This wonderful corset-style longline bra is worn underneath wedding dresses. But not only that. Many women love this style because it helps smooth out lumps and bumps and also supports their back as well.

 stretching spandex back panels
light waist cinching and form sculpting
contour cups made to be seamless

See my selection of 10 Waist cinchers. A great option when needing back support, either at home or at work.

6. Smart & Sexy Plus Size Retro Lace & Mesh Bra | C-G

woman in smart and sexy retro lace and mesh bullet bra

Smart & Sexy Women’s Lace & Mesh Unlined Underwire Bra | See Amazon.com

A vintage bra with a modern twist. Inspired by the 40’s fashion glitz and glam.

  • wired
  • unlined

7. Playtex Secrets Love My Curves Full Coverage Bra | B-DDD

woman wearing playtes bullet bra love my curves full coverage

Playtex Women’s Secrets Love My Curves Full Coverage Bra | See Amazon.com

 100% polyester
ideal if you’re in between bullet bra sizes
makes your bra more pointy

8. Vintage Black Satin Spider Pattern Sexy Bullet Bra

black spider bra sexy bullet bra

TVRtyle Women’s Vintage Black Satin Spider Pattern Sexy Bullet Bra Pads Cone Bra | See Amazon.com

 90% nylon, 10% spandex
fits 34-44
best fit for B, C, and D

9. Aviana Floral Soft Cup Bra 

floral soft cup bra with bullet shape cups

Aviana Floral Soft Cup Bra | See Herroom.com

 a very full coverage soft cup bra
Aviana’s strongest and most supportive bra

10. Va Bien Vintage Fit Minimizer Underwire T-Shirt Bra

minimizer bullet cups bra

Va Bien vintage fit minimizer t-shirt bra | See Herroom.com

 cups with a slightly conical shape
minimizing t-shirt bra
molded, seamless underwire cup
cups are free of lining and padding
100% polyester, backs: 85% nylon, 15% elastane

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