A Comfortable Bra for Plus Size | Why is my Bra Hurting me? 3 Questions

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We all long for a well-fitted bra. What if you don’t find any comfort in your current bras? Do you need a new bra size? Check these 3 questions

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How will I know if I’m wearing the wrong bra size?

It’s very human that you kind of accepted the fact that your bra doesn’t feel good anymore.

Somehow we don’t act upon taking our measurements again.

Only taking the 10 minutes you need for measuring might feel like too much of a task.

Only 3 simple questions to ask yourself

1. Does my bra look good in the mirror?

If a bra doesn’t feel good anymore you’ve probably been avoiding looking in the mirror.

Why should you want to? No, you don’t.

You do not need to see what you already know.

Your bra may be:

  • too loose
  • or too tight

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2. Does the bra complement my clothes?

The moment you put on your bra your confidence should be there.

You just know that adding clothing will be fine. No, it will be more than fine. The bra style you choose will complement your outfit.

3. Do you keep touching your bra?

shoulderstraps bra hurting

I don’t need to tell you how irritating it is to feel your bra the whole day, either being too loose or too tight.

Many women know the feeling of their bra hurting them and longing for it to take it off again.

How to find your best bra size?

Check your current bra size in a size chart or in my calculator

Before checking take the measurements of:

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