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How do I know my cup size is too small?

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Well, you know for sure there’s something wrong with your bra cup reading this. But knowing you need another cup size is one thing. Getting your right cup size is another. But do not worry! Take these 3 steps to find your right cup size again.

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My cup size is too big, what can be wrong?

1. Your cup size is just too small

woman measuring bra size

Just have a look in the mirror to see if your bra cup is still right for you.

Do your breasts obviously need more room?

And your band size is correct? I mean, the band is supporting you in a firm but still comfortable way?

Going up a cup size is what you need. It could mean you would have to go up one or maybe two cup sizes. Check my calculator

2. Your cup size and band size are both wrong

If this is the case, you definitely have to measure your underbust and bust size.

You can still end up with the same cup. How come?

  • changing your band size automatically changes your cup size
  • for example, changing from 44dd to 46dd will mean an increase of cup volume as well

2 examples

you go from 44dd to 46dd | now you have a wider band size and also a larger cup volume

you go from 38d to 36ddd | now you have a smaller band size and a larger cup size

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3. Your cup size is right, but your band size isn’t

If your band size is either too loose or too tight you might question your cup size.

Anyway, your bra is not supporting you in the right way.

2 example

  • your bra 44C is too loose, so you change the band to 42. In order to keep the same cup volume you choose 42D
  • your bra 48DD is too tight, so you change the band to 50. In order to keep the same cup volume you choose 50D

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