woman measuring bra size

How do you take a bust measurement?

If you want to determine your bra size you would have to do two measurements, one of your underbust and the one of your bust.

  • Why should I know my own bust measurement?
  • How to measure my bust?
  • Can I measure my bra size at home correctly?

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Why should I know my own bust measurement?

Knowing your own bust size will give you a better insight into the bra size or sizes that are best for you. Only a slight change in measurement can change the outcome of your bra size. And it’s good to realize bra sizes can be very close together and it can well be that you would fit more than one bra size.

Knowing your bust size will help you determine your cup size. Together with your band size, this will tell you what your bra size is.

drawing of bust measurement
Your bra size consists of two measurements


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How to measure my bust bra size?

woman measuring bra bust size
Measure the fullest part of your breasts.

Your bust size should be measured around the fullest part of your breasts. Don’t pull the measuring tape too tight. You can wear a non-padded bra when you measure. My advice is to measure a couple of times and write down the outcomes.

When you feel you have the outcome correct you then go check our calculator to find your bra size.

The other measurement you would have to know is your band size. These two measurements will decide which bra size is best for you.

Can I measure my bra size at home correctly?

woman looking a the fitting of her bra
A well-fitted bra is a comfortable bra and gives you confidence.

I’m a strong believer in taking bra measurements yourself. If you’re happy with your bra that’s great. You won’t need to do this. But if you’re not that happy with the way your bra feels and looks, it sure is time to take action.

And if you prefer a bra fitting in a lingerie-store that’s absolutely fine. But measuring yourself at home, with the help of a friend if you like, has some advantages:

  • you can start measuring anytime
  • there’s no need to wait until your trip to the store
  • the size of a women’s body and breasts can change easily
  • by looking up your best bra size you will discover what other bra sizes might fit you too
  • we all have bra sister sizes, meaning bra in different numbers fit the same women. Read the full post about bra sister sizing »
  • depending on the model and brand you’ll know which sizes you can try
  • using the calculator you’ll see what a slight change in measurement will do. Experiment with this.

I own differently sized bras and they all fit me just fine. Depending on the brand and model of a bra I may sometimes go for another bra size. If a brand runs a bit small I might take a larger band. To keep the same cup volume I usually go down a cup size to keep the same cup volume.

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