How often should I measure my bra size?

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Unique as we are, so is our bra size. Some women need a bra size check often, while others might not. How often should I measure?

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Measuring your bra size regularly helps you find a more comfortable and supportive fit. But what is regular?

There’s really no straight answer on how often you should measure your bra size again.

There’s no standard for how often you should measure.

There just isn’t.

For some, it might be a least once a year. Others may skip a few years.

And women – dealing with weight fluctuations – might need to take measurements every few months.

How often should I measure my bra?

Knowing your true bra size is essential for getting the right fit and maximum comfort. But how often should you measure your bra size?

1. Women that often change in breast size due to weight fluctuations

woman looking at bra size on topic how often should i measure my bra size

Any weight loss or weight gain will automatically impact your bra size.

As your weight can constantly change, your bra size will as well. So in order to stay up-to-date on your bra size you take measurements throughout the year.

A factor for weight change can – of course – also be pregnancy or giving breastfeeding.

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If you’re going through any major body changes, it’s a good idea to measure yourself (very) frequently.

2. Women that often have a small change in their bra size

Hormones play a role in our health and condition. Hormones might change little things in your body and breast.

You might have some days a month when your bra is too tight, while it fits just fine on other days.

A solution many women use is a bra extender.

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3. Women that need a change of bra size over time

There’s a group of women that aren’t dealing with weight fluctuations. It’s obvious to conclude these women do not need regular bra size checks.

I count myself to this group of women. But I found out that only little changes – hormones, doing sports or not – have an effect on body and breast size.

I have been wearing bad-fitted bras for too long, thinking my size would not really change. And visually it may seem that way. But even little changes over time might change your bra size altogether!

So, make sure to take the time and measure when you think a measurement is needed.

For every woman, it is wise to measure at least once a year. It might seem like a hassle, but it’s definitely worth the effort because a slight change in measurements could mean a whole new bra size for you!

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