Sexy nipple pasties | 10 party style nipple covers

These sexy nipple pasties are so very light to wear. And that’s how you like it at a party or on your intimate night indoors. See my selection of sexy fun nipple covers here

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Spice up your outfit with nipple covers

Wearing just nipple pasties is not going braless. Well, yes it is technically but you won’t feel naked.

These little adhesive pasties sure do their thing.

  • perfect for your see-through blouses, swimwear, nightgown, sexy lingerie, low-cut top
  • for cosplay, theme parties, beach, pole dancers
  • help with prominent nipples
  • long lasting self-adhesive strength
  • sexy for fun and play

10 fun & sexy nipple pasties

1. Wet Look nipple pasties

woman with wet look nipple pasties

Lovehoney Oh! Round Wet Look Nipple Pasties | See details at

 kinky style pasties
 go for a leather look
 from the LoveHoney collection 

2. Heart-shaped pasties

woman wearing heart-shaped nipple pasties

Lovehoney Oh! Heart-Shaped Nipple pasties | See the collection at

 heart-shaped pasty
 in black and red, pink
 from the LoveHoney collection 

3. American flag pasties

Ayliss 10Pairs USA Flag Star Shape Disposable Breast Petals Adhesive Pasties | See collection Ayliss at

 stick-on pasties
 adhesive backing
 thin material and closed-fit 

4. Ayliss Sequin Tassel Bra Stickers Nipple Covers-Black

Ayliss Sequin Tassel Bra Stickers Nipple Covers-Black | See details at

 stick-on pasties
 with reusable adhesive backing

5. Pina colada pineapple pasties

Womens Rave Pasties EDM Festival – Shiny Glitter Holographic Fashion Accessories | See details at

 lasts 8-12 hours
 pina colada pineapple glitter pasties
 easy and painless to remove

6. Chrystal nipple pasties

Neva Nude Crystal Nipztix Pasties Nipple Covers for Festivals Raves, Medical Grade Adhesive, Waterproof | See details at

 latex-free adhesive
 crystals come adhered in one large piece per pastie
 ready to wear
waterproof and sweatproof

7. Neva Nude happy birthday adhesive pasties 

Neva Nude happy birthday adhesive pasties | See details at

 latex-free adhesive
 sticks on the whole party

8. Nipple covers + punk leather choker chain

Flyrose Rave Pasties Reusable Silicone Adhesive Nipple Cover Pasties Bra + Punk Leather Choker With Metal Chain | See details at

 one size fits most
 adhesive natural medical silicone
 adjustable punk leather choker
kinky gift

9. Neva Nude Red Rose Nipple Pasties

Neva Nude Roses Burlesque Reusable Nipztix Pasties | See details at

10. Nipple pasties ‘Let’s fuck’

Black Heart with Pink ‘Let’s Fuck’ Nipple Pasties by Pastease | See details at

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