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Nipple shields for breastfeeding

Nipple shields for breastfeeding can be a great help for any woman and her baby.

When to use nipple shields?

woman sitting on ground with baby girl illustrating article about nipple shields
Consult a professional, like a lactation consultant, to ensure proper use of a nipple shield

Many women are of have been dealing with breastfeeding issues. Nipple shields can be a great help for any woman and her baby to overcome difficulties when breastfeeding.

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The little silicone nipple shields can be a lifesaver for cracked or sore nipples. And it can help your baby overcome latch-on difficulties.

Women who used a nipple shield often mention they wouldn’t have made it through their breastfeeding journey without them.

Why use a nipple shield for breastfeeding?

  • short term latch-on difficulties
  • premature babies may have problems with latching in the first couple of weeks
  • a nipple shield may help to transition to breastfeeding
  • flat or inverted nipples
  • tongue-tie, lip tie, or overactive let-down
  • protect your blistered, cracked, bleeding nipples during feeding

Silicon breast shells can also protect damaged and sore nipples and catch leaking milk. Read more about breast shells with a milk catcher »

Some use a nipple shield for a short period of time. Others have flat and inverted nipples and may have to use shields for their entire breastfeeding period.

close up of a nipple shield seen from above
A nipple shield seen from above

A nipple shield has a few little holes from where your baby can drink the milk. There’s also an opening at the part that lays on the areola. It’s meant for the baby’s nose, so it will smell and feel the mother.

You lay the shield over your nipple and areola during feeding.


Silver has an anti-bacterial and healing effect on sore and damaged nipples. Women experience instant relief of pain using silver nipple shields. Read more about the healing wonders of silver cups »

What size nipple shields do I need?

There are 3 sizes nipple shields you can choose from. Sizes are S/16 mm, M/20 mm or L/24 mm. Although some brands have 2 sizes and there are one-size-fits-all on the market.

Take your time to measure your nipple if you’re not sure about sizing. Every woman is unique, and so is the size of her nipple.

It is really a shame that women have had a bad experience with nipple shields only because they’ve had a wrong size shield for them. If you buy a nipple shield it is not one size fits all.

drawing to illustrate how to measure a nipple shield for breastfeeding
How to measure your nipple | instruction (source: Medela)

This is how you measure a nipple shield.

  • measure the diameter of your nipple
  • add 2 or 3 mm to your measuring, so the nipple has some extra space if it swells
illustration of a correct fit of nipple shields for breastfeeding
Add 2 or 3 mm to your measuring for a correct fit

2 best selling nipple shields

I’ve selected the 2 best-selling nipple shields for breastfeeding from the brands Medela and Lansinoh. On Amazon, they have over 1000 reviews. This offers a great source of information for any woman who wants to buy a nipple shield.

Medela contact nipple shields for breastfeeding

Medela Contact Nipple Shield for Breastfeeding 16, 20, and 24 mm | See details at Amazon.com

  • for latching difficulties
  • overactive letdown
  • also for flat or inverted nipples
  • soreness
  • the kit includes 2 contact nipple shields along with a portable carrying case for traveling

The Medela shields feature a unique design with a cut-out area that encourages maximum skin contact between the mother and the baby.

Medela’s is a company with a 50 years plus experience for moms and babies.

Our primary focus is breastfeeding – by helping moms to successfully breastfeed their babies and to do so for as long as they choose. Meeting this goal responsibly is at the heart of everything we do.

source: medela.com

Medela is also known for their #1 recommended breast pump brand. See the Medela shop at Amazon.com »

Lansinoh nipple shields for breastfeeding

Lansinoh Nipple Shield for Breastfeeding 20mm and 24 mm | See details at Amazon.com

  • for latch-on issue of premature, small or ill infants
  • effective for flat or inverted nipples, tongue tie, lip tie, or overactive let-down
  • cut out design to maximize skin-to-skin contact

Lansinoh was founded by a breastfeeding mom. Lansinoh has supported moms for more than 35 years.

The company is known for its #1 recommended lanolin nipple cream and launching the first Bluetooth connected breast pump. See the Lansinoh shop at Amazon.com »

Best-Selling Nipple Shield Carrying Case

The Modern Momma company is run by a corporate mom who sought simple solutions to make her life easier while raising 3 children.

  • best-selling storage case for nipple shield/breastfeeding shield
  • makes it easy to locate & discreetly store nipple shield in diaper bag, purse, or around house
  • protect your shield from germs and pets
  • easy-clean design is top rack dishwasher safe
  • perforated holes allows moisture to escape, allowing your shield to properly dry between uses.

Best-Selling Nipple Shield Carrying Case, Perfect Solution for Medela Shields and Similar Shields, by Modern Momma; Purple Pansy | See details at Amazon.com

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