Plus size nursing bras

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10 Nursing bras for ddd cup and up
Silver nipple shields for breastfeeding
Breast shells for sore nipples
Nipple shields for breastfeeding

10 Nursing bras for ddd +

women in pink nursing bra in ddd cup from motherhood collection
From the Motherhood collection | See all 10 nursing bras for DDD

These 10 nursing bras for ddd cup and up are designed with large breasts in mind.

Most styles are wireless and many have a foam cup or removable pads. They are comfortable and soft! Just what you’ll want as an expecting or new mom. See all 10 styles »

Silver nipple shields for breastfeeding

photo of a mother and her baby using silver nipple shields
Silver cups can provide instant relief for you nipples

Silver has an anti-bacterial and healing effect on our skin.

Many women experience an amazing relief of their painful nipples and see the damaged skin start to recover. In just hours. Read more about the use of silver healing cups »

Breast shells for sore nipples

photo of medela breast shells

Breast shells allow healing time for your sensitive or sore nipples between nursing and pumping sessions.

It can take only a few days of NOT having the right tools as a nursing mom before you decide to quit breastfeeding. Read more about how breast shells can protect your nipples »

Nipple shields for breastfeeding

woman breastfeeding using nipple shields

Many women are of have been dealing with breastfeeding issues.

Nipple shields can be a great help for any woman and her baby to overcome difficulties when breastfeeding.

The little silicone nipple shields can be a lifesaver for cracked or sore nipples. And it can help your baby overcome latch-on difficulties. Read more about choosing the right size nipple shield »

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