Underwire bras for bigger busts – 4 absolute favorites

Amazon buyers LOVE these wired bras for plus size. You’ll find over a thousand reviews on every one of them. I thought its time to share 4 top-rated wired bras with you. See 4 Amazon favorites

Ready for a quick check-up on your bra size?

plus size bra size chart

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Maybe you’re totally fine with your current bra size? That’s great. You don’t need a bra size check. See 4 Amazon favorites

If you’re not that sure about your bra size or think it is time to check your size? Maybe your body has changed and so may have your boobs?

A well-fitted bra gives you confidence and makes your clothes look better. Just take 10 of your time to measure your underbust and bust size. Then check your measurements in a bra size chart or use my bra calculator

4 favorite plus size wired bras on Amazon

Let me show you 4 lovely brands for plus size women. Brands are Prima Donna, Wacoal, Bali and Goddess.

1. Prima Donna plus size underwire bras | D-I cup

Prima Donna is the best-selling lingerie company in Europa. They focus on women with curves, offering them the best fit and support. Their bras are designed up to J cup.

Prima Donna Women’s Madison Full Cup Bra in D – I cups | See details at Amazon.com

2. Wacoal plus size underwire bras | D-H cup

Wacoal has a special DD+ collection. Besides a beautiful bra collection, they have panties, shapewear, and lingerie.

Wacoal Perfect Primer Underwire Bra, cups D – H | See details at Amazon.com

Helping women look and feel beautiful has always been Wacoal’s mission. We understand that wearing a bra that fits comfortably and provides the right support can be a life-changing experience. That’s why we offer bras in a wide range of styles from A to I cup as well as on-trend lingerie that’s sexy without compromising on quality or comfort from our brand b.tempt’d.

Source: wacoal-america.com/about

3. Bali plus size underwire bras | B-DDD cup

Bali bras have a classic styling. This brand sure has a passion for comfort whether you’re looking for a wireless bra or a wired bra.

Bali Women’s Passion for Comfort B – DDD cups | See details at Amazon.com

4. Goddess plus size underwire bras up to cup J

Goddess lingerie allows full-figured women to enjoy total fit and support right up to a J cup.

Goddess Keira Underwire Banded Bra Underwear K – DD cups | See details at Amazon.com

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