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Shapewear can be really great support to all women who want to walk around with more confidence. It helps flatten some parts of your body.

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8 Butt shapers that really lift your bum
10 Shapewear bodysuits for plus size

8 Butt shapers that really lift your bum

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Butt shapers will change the shape and volume of your butt in just seconds.

The booty lift either comes from foam pads or silicone inserts. The open-back style leaves your butt visible but lifted. See 8 beautiful butt shapers for plus size women »

Shapewear bodysuits for plus size | 10 styles

woman wearing a bodysuit for plus size

A bodysuit will dress a greater part of your upper body. Slimming your belly, waistline, butt, and love handles. These 10 bodysuit styles look great on curvy women. They come in sizes 3X and some up to size 10XL.

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