Shelf bras for D cup and larger

Talking about bras, there is nothing I find sexier as a shelf bra.

  • What is a shelf cup bra?
  • How does a shelf bra work for bigger boobs?
  • Where to shop shelf bras for D cup and larger?
Shelf bras plus-size collection Shirley of Hollywood See details at Herroom.com

Herroom has a collection of the brands Beyond Yoga, Curvy Kate, Dreamgirl, Oh La La Cheri, and Shirley of Hollywood. Size XL is best for D and DD cups. See all collection shelf bras at Herroom.com

What is a shelf cup bra?

This bra is made to show off your breast and if you like your nipples too. A naughty bra style that you would want in your lingerie drawer for special moments.

A shelf bra is called an open cup bra as well. It is a very sexy bra that exposes the woman’s breasts completely. If you want a bit more support and lift you could go for the shelf bra with extra supportive half cups.

Shirley of Hollywood Lace Shelf Bra See details at Herroom.com
  • a shelf bra is also named as a quarter cup, open cup, half cup, or split cup bra
  • it has wire supports
  • the shelf bra covers the lower part of your breasts
  • some cover the nipples and some not
  • some have molded cups
  • this bra provides lift and support, coming from the wider set wires

A shelf bra usually doesn’t cover the nipples and can be completed with some fancy nipple covers. Read my top 10 nipple covers »

Dreamgirl Women’s Heart Lace Shelf Bra and Garterbelt Set

To add some extra playfulness to your shelf bra you wear it with some sexy nipple covers. The nipple covers might also be for the protection of nipples if you wear something over the bra. Covers are great when going out and you may not want to show your nipples just yet.

How does a shelf bra work for bigger boobs? 

Shelf bras are a little less functional than other styles of sexy bras. But they are meant to be like that and are designed to show off your breasts.

Depending on the support you might want or need you can choose from different styles and support. With shelf bras, you really should read reviews from other customers if you have any doubts about this style or sizing. It can be of great help.

If you have a D cup or DD cup this bra can be great on you. Yes, it can give you enough support, because of the wider set wires. Have a look at Herroom.com for open cup bras with support.

Where to shop shelf bras for D cup and larger?

I have selected some D and DD cup shelf bras you can find on Amazon and Herroom lingerie.

Amazon collection

The Empire Intimates shelf bra has 3-sectioned cups for full figure bust exposing nipples. This shelf bra fits D and DD cups.

Herroom collection

On Herroom you’ll find a nice selection of brands like Shirley of Hollywood and Dreamgirl.

Shelf bras Shirley of Hollywood

Shirley of Hollywood – Herroom

This blue stretch lace bra underwire half cup is sheer lace with a vertical dart and an inner mesh side support sling. Size XL is suitable for DD cup. It comes in black as well.

Shelf bras by Dreamgirl

Dreamgirl – Herroom

This open cup bra is made of seductive sheer floral lace.

See shelf bra collection at Herroom.com »

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