Side smoothing bra | 10 Bras for shaping bumps and bulges

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The side smoothing bra minimizes underarm and back fat. A true game-changer for fuller ladies. See my selection of 9 side smoothing bras

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Side Smoothing Bra Styles

woman wearing full coverage bra helps prevent extra fat under arms

Concealing that extra fat under your arms can be done with the right bra.

The side-smoothing bra is great for fuller chests.

Most styles have adjustable straps that are accessible from the front. This makes it very easy to tighten the straps.

You’ll find wired styles and also wireless ones, that provide enough support as well.

Side Smoothing Bras with Wires

felina side smoothing t shirt bra

Felina Side Smoothing T-Shirt Bra | See details at

Expect friendly wired styles here. Together with the flexible foam cups, they give the best support.

Side Smoothing Bras Wireless

olga easy does it bra no bulge

Olga Women’s Easy Does It No Bulge | See details at

You don’t want wires digging in? Or did you just never like wires anyway? Not to worry. Many side-smoothing bras come without wires. Very comfortable and still giving great support.

As comfort goes, you might just not unhook the bra the moment you get home. How’s that for a change?

The right bra can feel like a hug. And surely side smoothing bras have it all. They got you covered in a very comfortable way.

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10 Side Smoothing Bras

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