Swimshorts High Waisted | 9 Plus Size Women Shorts

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A high-waisted swim shorts is a guaranteed good fit for your tummy and thighs. See my selection of 9 high waisted women’s swim shorts

high waisted swim short women

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The comfort of high-waist shorts?

plus size swim shorts woman high waist

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You might just like high-waisted swim shorts because of their comfort and support.

But most of us choose these shorts because a swimsuit or bikini shows too much. The right short can cover up issues you have, like your belly, bigger thighs, or cellulite.

bathing suit with high waisted boyshort

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For me, the right style of shorts makes me walk around without thinking of areas I like less. I don’t want to be busy parading and thinking about my bigger belly at the same time. No!

I remember the days, mainly thinking about the issues I didn’t like about my body. Well, I do like my body, but showing it just like that is another thing. Swimwear that covers only just a little bit more does the trick for many of us.

See my Amazon selection of 9 high waisted women’s swim shorts

High-Waisted Swim Shorts – 3 Styles

Swim shorts are made of lightweight material, mainly polyester blended with a little spandex. The fabric is flattering and will dry quickly after being in the water.

Style 1. High-waisted shorts beach shorts

beach short plus size women quick dry

A casual style that is suitable for any time of year. Wear it on a vacation or around the house. With a little spandex, it does a good job for swimming, surfing, and boarding.

You’ll find them in lovely patterns and colorful designs. Look for a V slit on the side if you have larger thighs.

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Style 2. High-waisted shorts boyleg

high waisted swim short women

A basic style that covers all problem areas like the belly and thighs. I love this easy style with the elastic waistband. Most have built-in briefs and feel very secure.

I have a few darker shorts that I can match with any top I like.

See my Amazon selection of 9 high waisted women’s swim shorts

Style 3. High-waisted shorts board short

stretch boardshort plus size women

Meet the versatile boardshorts. They are lengthy, stretchy, and dress nicely for any occasion really.

Not only they’re designed for water activities, but it’s also a comfy style for biking and walking around. Having a little pocket is great for a key.

Adding the right top you could even wear it downtown. Still being casually dressed in the summertime.

9 High-Waisted Swimshorts for Women

Swim shorts dry quickly and can be dressed for the occasion in whatever style you like.

  • a short that sits right at the belly button can make all the difference in the world
  • go for a more modest look you can wear with confidence
  • without compromising on wearing summer swimwear because that’s just what it still is
  • choose the length of the shorts as well to hide parts of your thighs as you wish
  • don’t worry about changing before getting into the water or getting out

See my Amazon selection of 9 high waisted women’s swim shorts

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