What is a minimizer bra?

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The minimizer bra is specially designed for women with a more fuller cup size. The minimizer makes the breasts look smaller but nicely rounded by supporting cups.

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The difference between a minimizer and a normal bra

The word minimize is about reducing something to a smaller something. It is worn by women to make their breasts look smaller. A normal bra isn’t meant to make your breasts look smaller. Most bras are designed to lift your breasts, together with padding or push-up.

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A minimizer bra is not reducing your breast tissue.

  • The bra is topping down the fullest part of your breasts and positioning them towards your chest and to the middle
  • The minimizer will make your breasts look flatter, still nicely rounded by the supporting cups.

A minimizer reduces the bust size by about one cup. Lot’s of women love this style of bra because of its smoothing look underneath clothing. Some of your clothes might not fit with a normal bra, but do with a minimizer.

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Sports bras in a larger cup often use a minimizer design as well. With larger breasts, you would want the best of support doing sports. Read our blog on Best sports bras for dd cups »

How do I choose a minimizer bra?

The intent of the minimizer is to compress your breasts and make them look smaller and smoother. But like with any other bra, it should never feel uncomfortable.

Only a well-fitted bra will make a woman happy.

So if you might have any doubts about your current bra size? Be sure to check your sizes. Please realize that a slight change in your body sizes can change your bra size altogether.

woman measuring bra
Many things can cause our bra size to have changed

Measuring your underbust and bust size will only take a few minutes. Looking up your best bra size is just child’s play then. Especially if you use our bra size calculator to find your best bra size.

Don’t you feel great about measuring yourself? You could find someone to help you or get a bra fitting in a lingerie store.

What is a good minimizer?

Some women think that a minimizer will flatten their breasts too much. This is not true. Just have a look at cups of a minimizer bra, the molded cups will give and provide you the shape you like. 

When to choose a minimizer?

  • You want to prevent your breasts from gapping and be able to button up that shirt you like.
  • You want a somewhat more easy shape that fits your clothing.
  • You are looking for a more natural shape. A minimizer bra will reduce the size of the fullest part of your breasts.

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