Swim dress bathing suits for plus size

A swim dress is a one-piece that’s just perfect for plus-sized women. We love this style of swimwear for some very good reasons!

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What is a swim dress?

Sure, a swim dress bathing suit is a one-piece but it doesn’t feel and look like it at all. This one-piece consists of:

  • a bathing suit and
  • a skirt or a little dress that is attached to the body of the bathing suit
woman in a swim dress
Woman in 1950s swim dress

In the 1940s swimwear became figure-flattering. Before this, there were many regulations about wearing sleeves and shorts at the right length (in some areas beach censors actually checked upon women’s swimwear sizing)!

Nowadays there is more and more body acceptance. Luckily we see women of all sizes in commercials and on the fashion runway. Designers are definitely aware of the needs of all women, accepting the fact that there is a wider range of bodies (and there always will be).

A lot of swimwear is designed to make you feel more confident, whether you’re petite or plus-sized, we all have issues we maybe like to hide a bit or accentuate parts of our body we like best.

Zando Women’s Slimming Tummy Control Swimdress Swimwear Tankini Swimsuit | See details at Amazon.com

Tummy control swimwear will give us the (extra) confidence we want when swimming and walking around. Bathing suits, swim dresses, bikinis, or tankinis with tummy control will help you flatten your tummy and making it look thinner.

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The advantages of a swim dress

The look of a swim dress is very feminine and charming. You can walk around feeling dressed in a one-piece because of the skirt covering the tummy and hips. The skirt will dry quickly and you’ll always feel sure enough to walk around the pool or beach.

Profile by Gottex Women’s Molded Cup Sized Halter Swimdress One Piece Swimsuit | See details at Amazon.com

The swim dress has an extra layer of fabric that is designed into a little skirt. During swimming, this one-piece will give you all the comfort and freedom of movement you want. Afterward, it is so easy to relax at the pool or at the beach. You don’t have to get dressed to get a drink at the bar. A set of flip flops will make you ready to go.

A swimming dress is a good choice for every woman who wants to wear a ready to go flattering one-piece. If your unsure about your figure a swim dress will surely be a good choice.

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Top 3 brands swim dresses for plus size

1. Hanna Nikole collection swim dresses

Hanna Nikole is a brand just for plus size women. Besides their beautiful plus size swim collection, you’ll find tops, coats & jackets, dresses and more. See collection Hanna Nikole at Amazon.com

Hanna Nikole Women Plus Size One Piece Swimwear Flowy Swimdress Skirted Swimsuit | See details at Amazon.com

  • One-piece swim dress with boy shorts under the skirt
  • The swim dress can conceal your tummy, looks slim and cute.
  • Features: V neck with keyhole details make you look cute and elegant
  • Encircled shelf bra with soft wire-free molded removable bust pads

2. Septangle collection swim dresses

Septangle is a great brand to check out for slimming swim dresses, tankinis, swim bottoms, swim tops, one-pieces, and swim skirts.

Septangle Women’s Plus Size Swimsuits Tummy Control One Piece Swim Dresses Bathing Suit

Septangle Women’s One Piece Polka Dot Body Shaping Ruffled Hem Swimdress

3. MiYang collection swim dresses

MiYang offers a wide collection of maternity swimsuits, bikinis, tankinis, kids swimsuits, and one-piece, like their popular swim dresses.

MiYang Women’s Plus-Size Flower Printing Shaping Body One Piece Swim Dresses Swimsuit

  • No underwire
  • One Piece with Boy Shorts under the skirt
  • Removable Soft cups
  • Perfect for big busted
  • Tummy control

MiYang Women’s Plus Size Printing Padded High Waist Swimdress

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